Reflection piece

Drake Melo

Overall the project was one of the best project experiences I've had. We got to learn about people and their life stories and then try to make a visual representation of a part of their life. My I-Lab skills were also enhanced during this project. Learning to take in feedback and changing ideas.

3 takeaways/ challenges

Nate Gelb

1: it is easier to use the I Lab then I thought. I got way better in the laser cutting and building.

2. I think it will make a big impact on Nelvia's life, which originally I thought it would barely faze her.

3. That I am very creative and I can make good ideas.

The biggest challenge was getting laser-cut availability because our project revolved around laser cutting, it was very fun overall and it was easier then I thought.

Historical Context 1955

Nate Gelb

The story of the cabin being built took place in 1955 when her husband retired from teaching at Michigan university. Michigan University is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Ann Arbour at the time: Ann Arbor, Michigan was a  town with houses, stores and a very big college in the center. Nothing major happened in 1955 except in January of 1955 The bakery "Quality Bakery" Caught fire and burnt nearly down overall the damage cost $25,000.

Michigan University: There wasn't much online about the University of Michigan in 1955. The only thing I found was there, the football team. The Wolverines finished 12th in the AP poll and 3rd in the Big 10 conference.

Artist statement

Nate Gelb

Our inspiration for our project came from the relaxing feeling and memories of being in a happy place. For Nelvia's case, this is being in her cabin in the woods in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We tried to recreate the relaxing aspect of nature, we show this by showing a Forrest with green light peaking through the trees we made. We used nature as the theme of our project. as we thought about the cabin we brainstormed things that a cabin reminded us of and we came up with threes and light. The light is green because nature is represented by green. Green is a healthy tree, grass, apples, and much more. We originally were going to have the light white, which represented calming. Last second we changed it to green and I like it more than the white.

I walked outside looking at the trees and the birds around me. Trees are rustling and hitting each other back and forth. there was a nice breeze outside of the cabin but in the cabin, it was warm and cozy as a teddy bear.  I felt the hearth of the fireplace heating me up. I look outside and see a chickadee chirping a soft song to himself. I feel relaxed and am not thinking about anything except this little bird.