Gisele Bundchen (Charles W. & Finn)

Gisele Bundchen

Tiandra Ray

Comic + Origin Story

Tiandra Ray

Gisele Bundchen Origin Story

By: Finn Condron & Charles W

After Gisele comes back from the down fall dimension she finds something odd in the forest.  It is an evil guinea pig Gisele asked who are  you,  he starts in a evil laugh then stopped to say I am your worst nightmare Colossal Chris!  I have come to take over the weekend!  she found another thing was odd she felt like The Boss.  then she had full control over the forest!  and then she she felt like a superhero using her suspicious power, to use vines and destroyed the robots!  colossal chris was left with shock when Gisele picked him up and threw him to North Korea! when she gets home she stops to think about her power,  she remembers the Down-fall Dimension.  and realizes this is the power that Mother Nature was talking about.  and she thought for a second or two and realized she was going to use this to destroy Colossal Chris and his robot because she knows this is not the end of Colossal Chris reign.