Kevin Love (Brennan & Barrett)

Kevin Love

Tiandra Ray

Origin Story

Tiandra Ray

Brennan Condron

Barrett Whitaker

One day kevin love was traded from the timberwolves to go the cleveland cavaliers that is where we start his journey!

One day kevin love had his first panic attack,he didn't know what it was before he did  it was a panic attack.

He knew something was wrong but he wasn't the only person that did,so did aliens.

One day a few hours before the cleveland cavaliers practiced the aliens went on the court and put chemicals on the metal part of the hoop.

Then in practice kevin love dunked on the hoop and knew something was wrong.

But it felt better than it use to kevin love scored 22 points that game.

Then, in the locker room he found out who or what did it, he saw the alien…

When he talked to the alien he said this ‘your welcome for your mouthguard, he didn't know what he meant but then soon found out!

 When he got back to his house he opened his bag and put his mouthguard in his mouth, there was like a jolt of energy flowing through his veins up to his head.

And he soon found out that he could share the medicine that helped him to help others.

And that's where his superhero journey began.

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