Harvey Milk (Fanuel & Thomas)

Harvey Milk

Tiandra Ray

Origin Story

Tiandra Ray



One day in Asgard, Milk was just sitting alone and all of a sudden… he had an idea. “I know… instead of sitting here till I’m 80, I’ll go to another dimension.” With that idea Milk built a portal and jumped in! “Were am I?” He was here on earth. “What is this place ?” He thought to himself. It was a vote for “gay?” It was a vote for.. yes gay. He saw the horrible signs that said stuff like “NO GAY” and “GAY STINKS” Milk was Furious he jumped onto the stage and said… “Stop this now it’s cruel and meeeeee” he was hit by the blast of the evil trio (Dan white, unknown and another unknown) he was paralyzed for a HOUR they took him to the hospital and cut of his arms and legs. After that to cheer him up they gave him a apple but little did they know it was radioactive then he left the hospital. He didn’t know it was radioactive but then he saw the people who blasted him! He attacked them!o He fought and fought and from there on out they became his archnesses and he became a superhero.

          The End