Depression and Speaking Out (Beth)

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Tiandra Ray

Final - Depression and Speaking OUt

Drew Pepi and Jimmy Wang

Story of Beth

Beth was a nice old lady who grew up in Chesher Connecticut and lived there for 28 years. Then she moved to Wellesley with her parents for another 28 years. After school was over for her she already had the idea of being a teacher. But she didn't know what she wanted to be, but then after a lot of debating, she picked to be a preschool teacher. She taught at St Joseph's the whole time till retirement. But she got her masters at the North Eastern school. After preschool teaching, she was a library assistant at St Joseph's. Her favorite thing to do was to work in human services because she has depression and she talks openly to people about it and this helps a lot of people. As a student, she had the accomplishment of winning the campus ministry award and that was her favorite memory in school. In school, she did not have a lot of friends and only had her parents. She took up golf as a  kid and was taught by her parents and still plays today and it was her favorite hobby.  School pushed her to be in human services because she became depressed at age 32. Also, her mother was her greatest influence on her because she was very religious and people looked up to her as a mother Teresa. She thought the world was very happy and a lot more peaceful till 9/11, during this event she was teaching and when the plane hit everybody was screaming and crying and this greatly affected her and she thought at that point the world has gone to a bad and a mean place. All of the tv blowing up and all the bad things on the news she just hates seeing it and she does not like how the world is changing because of all the bombings and terrorist groups coming up. So all of this affects her gratefully. She plans on making a book on how the world has changed and her story on how she can help depressed people.