Peter Barkley

Reflect on at least three takeaways that you learned from creating your project.

1. I got a better understanding of what it was like in the many different places Tony went to.

2. During improvement phase I had to decide what was good criticism and what I wanted to add.

3. I learnt how to convey emotions without literally showing the viewer and how to be more abstract

Explain what was difficult for you during this process and why?

It was hard to stay away from a diorama like project with my idea. Instead of just painting a scene I had to show what Tony felt and not what he saw. I was confused on how I would convey the V I B E , but then I started to think less literally.

Talk about feedback that you received and how you were able to incorporate that into your process.  

I received feedback about how my project was like a diorama but with a few extra steps. People said the camera was cool but it wasn't conveying any feeling. I had to figure out away to make it abstract. I decided to find one of the emotions Tony felt. Tony felt empathy for the prisoner who only had a rock to wipe himself with. I decided to show his empathy by making the user put there hands in chains to put themselves in the prisoners shoes like how Tony did.