Ketan Reflection Questions

Ketan Gardner

Reflect on at least three takeaways that you learned from creating your project.

1. I became more familiar with the laser cutter and 3d printer

2. I learned how to incorporate senses into a physical project

3. I learned more about presenting skills and how to explain my ideas

Explain what was difficult for you during this process and why.

It was hard to make a project based on one moment/theme rather than focusing on her entire life. There were many interesting things that Dorothy experienced and we had to pick one. 

Talk about feedback that you received and how you were able to incorporate that into your process.  

Most of the feedback we received was about how we needed to focus on one specific aspect of Dorothy's life, not her entire life. This was hard because this feedback came more than halfway through the project. We had to change our idea and focus on one specific moment/theme in her life, which turned out to be independence and ambition. Some other feedback we got was to steer away from the suitcase idea. We took this feedback and made our project into more of an installation, which made it much more appealing to the eye, and easy to observe and interact with.