Microfarms at Fessy 2022-2023

living wall

Ross McNeill
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Living Walls utilize the technique of converting a conventional horizontal garden into a freestanding, mobile, and aesthetically pleasing structure capable of transforming an open space into a private space.  Each living wall rests on a mobile tub, allowing for the necessary mobility to conform to any environment. Suspended from the top of the aluminum frame, wires hold a series of troughs, containing shallow root plants, growing from the nutrient rich water generated from the aquaponics system.The symbiotic relationship between the vegetation and fish is key to sustaining a micro ecosystem. Within this relationship, fish waste provides essential nutrients for the plants which in turn  filter the water for the fish. The water is recycled by pumped through the system numerous times which reduces water usage by 90 percent.

This project addresses the growing need for functional and tasteful spaces within spatially constricted urban areas. Work spaces with an open concept have been proven to allow for elevated productivity and collaboration; however, negatives include external distractions, heightened risk of sickness and even elevated anxiety. We perceived the solution to this issue would be a smaller and more private space within an open concept floor plan. This new space will compensate for the loss of privacy and add leafy relaxation to any stressful work environment. The are of which these growing cubicle partitions are capable of siphoning off can accommodate around five workers comfortably.