Visual Storytelling (Spring 2023)

Studio Prompt

Tiandra Ray

Storytelling Unit 

Soon you will be working in groups of 3 or so to interview an individual that you have never met.  These individuals could range from those experiencing homelessness to staff members at Fessenden.  My hope is that each of these interviews will open your eyes to various lives and experiences.

From these interviews, your interviewee may tell multiple stories

(like their childhood, a job they had later in life etc.). You want to take a poignant moment from the individual's story to create a device or object in the iLab that is:


2.captures a mood/feeling 

3.incorporates the senses(hear,see,smell,touch,taste) connected to the moment chosen symbolic in nature

Brief writing will accompany your device or object.  This will include:

1. an artist statement 

2. a descriptive narrative passage that brings the moment chosen to life (think imagery)

3. A biography of your interviewee