Visual Storytelling (Spring 2023)

Studio Prompt

Tiandra Ray

Storytelling Unit 

Soon you will be working in pairs to interview an individual. Choosing the individual is at your prerogative, but you may not interview your parents.  It  could range from faculty or staff members at Fessenden to your grandparents, or even an inspirational coach.  My hope is that each of these interviews will open your eyes to various lives and experiences. Choose wisely*

From these interviews, your interviewee may tell multiple stories.(like their childhood, a job they had later in life etc.). You want to take a significant moment from the individual's story to create a device or object in the iLab that is:


2.captures a mood/feeling 

3.incorporates the senses(hear, see, smell, touch, taste) connected to the moment chosen symbolic in nature

Brief writing will accompany your device or object.  This will include:

Brief writing assignments will accompany your device or object.  This will include:

1. A proposal of what you plan to create.

2. An artist statement that explains your final product.

3. A reflection of your progress at the halfway point of your project.

4. A descriptive narrative passage that brings the moment chosen to life (think imagery).

5. A biography of your interviewee. 

Ysabel Layers of Life

Grant Hayashi and Roman Butera

Layers of My Life


Our project idea is to make a decorative cake that shows the different parts of Ysabel Auon's life. The attached files are the other sketches we are not doing. 

Artist statement

Roman Butera and Grant Hayashi

            During the project, we interviewed Ysabel Aoun. Ysabel Auon is currently a chef at the Fessenden School. She formally owned a restaurant in Newton Center called Elena’s Kitchen. Cooking has been a major part of her life for a very long time. When she was young she would often help her mother cook, and this is when she first learned the basics of cooking. When she was in college she would bake and sell goods to her peers. Finally, some years ago she owned her own restaurant. Now, she is a chef at the Fessenden school. We have the goal to represent that progression in her life through layers of a cake. The cake will be made of laser-cut wood, paper, and cardboard. Each layer would have something different to represent a time in her life regarding baking. On the outside of the cake, there would be Venezuelan flags to show a part of who she is on the exterior. On the inside, there would be either a laser cut or a drawn image to represent her life progression to show who she is on the inside.

Mid Review

Rohan Rao and 2 OthersLandon Carlson
Shengli Shen

Mid-Review on Ysabel Auon, A fessy cook!

by Rohan, Jason, and Landon

Final Presentation

Rohan Rao and 2 OthersLandon Carlson
Shengli Shen

Swing Set

by Rohan, Jason, and Landon

The ups and downs of life

Jason Artist statement

Shengli Shen and 2 OthersLandon Carlson
Rohan Rao

We are doing a project about one of the dining staff’s chefs, Ysabel. We wanted to create a swin that represents the ups and downs of her life. Her ups might be having fun with other kids when she was young. And her downs might be she abandoning her own restaurant because it got shut down. We wanted to use either wood or 3d printing to fully represent the project. We will laser cut out the wood and use a motor if we decide to use wood. In terms of 3d printing it is what it seems like. We have already laser cutted the wood and assembled it even though there is some missing pieces, it is turning out pretty well. It uses sensory because we will try and recreate the ups and downs of her life in a very clear and creative way.

lasercut it

Landon Carlson and 2 OthersRohan Rao
Shengli Shen

build a motor

Landon Carlson and 2 OthersRohan Rao
Shengli Shen


Nicholas Scarano and 3 OthersNicholas Scarano
Ethan Goldberg
Tianze Dai

The Circle Of Life

By Ethan Goldberg, Nick Scarano, And Alex Dai

"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff"


Nicholas Scarano and 2 OthersEthan Goldberg
Tianze Dai