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Andrea decided to take part in a singing career along with her cooking career. She equally loves both cooking and singing, but showed the most interest in her son. Andrea liked having freedom as a kid. The most interesting part of the interview was when she said that cooking at Fessy was the least stressful career path she has ever taken. 

Andrea was born in Boston City Hospital. She grew up in an Italian and Irish household. Both her mom and dad were very supportive of what she wanted to do. Later in her life, her mom and dad had a divorce. Andrea was very dedicated to work. As soon as she was old enough to legally work she got her first job. Andrea was the only child growing up.

Andrea is currently working at Fessenden as a part of the kitchen and food service staff. She is still singing though it is no longer her main job (it used to be). She also has a son which she believes is her greatest achievement. “My greatest achievement is my son” Andrea is very proud of her son. She is also proud of all her other accomplishments such as singing, cooking, and other experiences she has had. She said that if she were to blink and only see one thing it would be her family. This shows that she is very proud of her family and believes that her family is a very important part of her life.