Artist Statement

Ethan Goldberg and 2 OthersNicholas Scarano
Tianze Dai

At the beginning of our project Alex, Nick, and I wanted to take a very symbolic object from her life and turn it into a very memorable project. Our interviewee, Carol, was very passionate about her photography so or group worked together to make a project about a camera. For our first prototype we used cardboard and tinfoil just as an idea of what we wanted to accomplish. Our group decided on making a rotating picture wheel of pictures inside a larger camera to demonstrate her life. Our next steps was to make a larger version of the camera so we can add the pictures inside. We used cardboard, wood, and paint to make this possible. Our theme we wanted to get across was the sense of family and doing what you love.

The sensory details that we want to get across is visualizing the times that you are most happy, and enjoying the time with family and with family traditions. If I was the user I should feel very appreciative and get some happy memories.