Bootcamp (Fall 23)

Learn how to use Geogebra and Cuttle together to create an amazing tessellation pattern for making clothing or ornamental objects with the sublimation printer. Upload your SVG file (as well as a screen shot of your Cuttle file) to he Response tab of this challenge.

Creating your First Presentation

In this video, we will be talking about creating your very first presentation. We will go over basic navigation to a new presentation, creating new content and finally going over the tools available.  After this post, consider checking out other tutorials, such as the Types of Content tab or check out the master list of Slide Editor Tools to get a more advanced look into the Slide Editor.

What is the NuVu Platform?

The NuVu Platform was created to support student documentation and collaboration. It acts as a digital sketchbook, learning management system, and presentation and portfolio tool.

What makes our platform different is that it is centered on visually-based media and content, and designed specifically for studio-based teaching and learning.

A studio-based teaching environment is highly dynamic, with different phases and parts of projects happening simultaneously and also at their own paces. The platform is a tool that provides a structure for that process while also being flexible. Instructors can clearly communicate the intent and resources of the studio, and students can access and engage with these resources as needed.

Teachers can post assignments, create project folders and generate interactive content for students. Our dynamic studio structure allows for any and all types of learning to be accomplished. The platform is where teachers guide students through the iterative and design based learning process. 

Students can post the progress of their work on regular intervals and the platform allows students to easily share ideas visually and quickly through the upload of images from their phone, which becomes super critical as we all become more adept at virtual teaching and learning. The platform is where students document their process through the posting of sketches, photographs, design research, and writing. Students can collaborate virtually with their classmates, even though they are not in the same physical location. 

The platform also allows for commenting and feedback from coaches, outside reviewers or experts, and student peers. For example if you had a practitioner expert that was on a review panel, they could comment directly on students’ work and provide feedback on the platform. 

Studio culture is an important part of the architecture school experience, and the platform aims to support this culture through the open sharing of work. Students and faculty can see work from any student, or any studio, across the platform, and comment and engage with that work. 

At the end of a project or term, students can use the platform to present their final work. 

This work can also be shared publicly with peers, potential employers, media outlets, or community partners. 

mBot (mBlock) Coding/Robotics

Curt Lewellyn

Using mBlock, get creative and see what you can program your mBot to do. To complete this challenge, post in the "response" tab. Be sure to include screenshots of your various codes and briefly video your robot in action. Check out the tutorials in the "resources" tab to get started. 

TinkerCad Circuits

Curt Lewellyn

Using TinkerCad Circuits, your challenge is to design a successful simulated-circuit that demonstrates a basic understanding of electronics. To complete this challenge you must create a "schematic" for a working circuit board and post it to the "response" tab. Be sure to include screenshots and attach a BRD file.

MakeCode Micro:bit

Curt Lewellyn

Using MakeCode Micro:bit, your challenge is to create a game or musical instrument using the Micro:bit program and microcomputer. Be as creative as you want to! To complete this challenge, post in the "response" tab. Your post should explain the concept of you project and should include a HEX file.

Lego Mindstorms

Curt Lewellyn

Using Lego Mindstorm, your challenge is to create a working/programmable robot. To complete this challenge, you must post in the response tab. Your response should include a screenshot of your code and a short video of your robot in action.


Curt Lewellyn

Using Gravit Designer, design your own personal logo. Browse the images above to view some of the keys to good graphic design. (Hint: Less is More!) Keep it simple. To complete this challenge you need to post to the "response" the concept or symbolism behind your design. Your response should include a PNG file for the vinyl cutter.

Computer Programming

Curt Lewellyn

Using Kahn Academy, work your way through the Intro to Java Script course. To complete this challenge, you must post a description of what you learned during this course to the "response" tab. Your response should include screenshots of the completed lessons.