Environmental Protection Devices +

Environmental Protection Devices

Joselyn McDonald

We are experiencing the ramifications of living in an industrialized age marked by short-term thinking. The impact of global climate change and air and water pollution has reached all corners of the Earth. News of climate change impact can be overwhelming, but according to the 2021 IPCC Climate Change Report, there is still time to get the planet back into a proper alignment! For that to happen, we all need to investigate our relationship to the environment and consider ways to make a difference. 

Students will design and develop wearable technology products that can create understanding, remediate, and find a balance between humans and our shared environment in this studio. Using innovative approaches, materials, and technologies, students will learn how to design wearable devices that will measure environmental health, protect humans (or animals) from ramifications from polluted environments, and/or create devices to improve the environment's health. After exploring myriad environmental challenges, students will isolate a problem they wish to address, then iteratively design wearable tech products from the ground up. Through this process, students will learn sketching techniques and prototyping processes, all while being exposed to the iterative design process. In the end, students will learn the design and engineering skills needed to bring their vision to reality!